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Singapore-A Bucket Full Of Memories

Singapore-A Bucket Full Of Memories

Singapore is one of my favorite destination that i have visited till now. This place is both an island and a country but most people describe it as the ‘City_State’. Singapore is also called as SINGAPURA which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Filled with some beautiful skyscrapers, buildings and different art .  The City is full of greenery,entertainment,fun and  loads of activities to do. I have visited these place three times and this city never failed to amaze me.

City Life in Singapore

 Life in Singapore is just like any of the island. People here are really very helpful and co-operative ,you can always see smile on their faces. If you need any help regarding directions don’t hesitate to ask them. Majority of the population here is  Chinese but you can find Indians and Malays on every part of these country. Its good to see such places where you can see multi-cultured living.They  know too enjoy life within their busy schedule.The most important thing which people think while visiting another country is its safety,and yes this place will never disappoint you. The measures taken by Singapore Government to make sure people are always safe are too high. Speaking of languages, Majorities can speak English, Tamil , Chinese and Malay as they are the official languages of Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The Temperature here is often hot and humid. There is no particular season here. Rains can Pour any time and any month. Best Time to Visit Singapore can be between February  and May.

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