My Triund Trip

My Triund Trip

I always wondered how beautiful the nature can be. How mesmerized and spellbound one can get after experiencing the beauty of earth?

The answer is – there is no limit.
The nature amazes me every time. It makes me realize how tiny all our problems are!
Standing in the midst of clouds, watching sunset at an altitude of 2770 m with your favorite song playing by your side. Can anything be better than that?😍

Happy Soul
Happy Soul

My first university trip was to Triund- a magical place which takes you to an entirely different world. I went to this trip with a group of friends. We started our journey from Jalandhar and traveled whole night to reach McLeod Ganj at 2 A.M. The journey was fun filled with games, songs and certain confessions (just like a typical trip with friends you see😛). We crashed in our beds as soon as we reached our hotel, of course after having dinner at 2 in the night. Food is priority guys!👀

Next  morning we started from our hotel around 11 A.M. the local people suggested to visit Bhagsunath temple which used to Lord Shiva’s meditating place. It has a pool whose water comes directly from the Bhagsunath fall that originates from glaciers.
The clouds started pouring as soon as we reached dharamkot, only adding more to the beautiful weather! We stopped there to buy water bottles (since water is expensive at triund), chocolates (you don’t need any reason to have chocolates. Do you?😋), raincoats as we didn’t pack them. You won’t believe that a light plastic rain coat costs 200 bucks there because fools like us do exist who don’t pack well.😅We explored the local market, cafes and went ahead with our journey. There is a very alluring meditation center on the way to first check point. You would really want to spend some time there in peace. If you’re fan of such places make sure to start a bit early to have ample time for such places on the way. We being the typical us- were late and hence short of time to stop there. Finally after reaching the check point we made an entry there so that a proper record of trekkers can be maintained.

Aannnnddd how can I forget about that cute uncle who runs a tea shop there! So as soon you cross the check point, there is this small tea shop, very beautiful and silent. An old uncle who is retired from army runs it. He’ll make you his fan with his cute smile I bet that!😻 Plus he makes such good coffee and tea. I didn’t tasted the tea though but my friends were all up for 2 more cups each which is enough to prove that it was good! At last we began with the actual trek. A long tiring trek which leaves you with a thought that some things are worth the pain. Really!

I don’t exactly remember how long it actually took at to reach at top but it was no less than 6 hours for sure. The trek isn’t that time consuming in actual but I had to stop at every point to soak in the view and my friends were literally begging me to move. But who gets a second chance to experience such beauty? So I wanted to make it worth my while.

I made a stop at every edge and cut and turn just to make sure I don’t miss something! And also because I didn’t had much stamina to keep on walking for hours continuously.
Chips and chocolates were my get-up-and-go partners during the journey. You might wonder why? Because there are only 2-3 very small shops on the way and they only sell chips, chocolates and tea. Oh and coke too! And the people who run those shops are so welcoming are all smiles for everyone who passes by. After several hours of walking, waving at strangers and clicking pictures we reached the camp site.
I abandoned everyone in the group, took my phone which was surviving on 7% battery and sat on a rock all by myself.There I experienced the most beautiful sunset ever! The sky was a mix of pink, yellow and golden.❤

 to the best sunset ever!
(Guys you know what just happened? I’m sitting in my hostel room and its 1:50 AM. I had songs playing on my laptop and suddenly tu jaane na comes up while I was writing. It took me back to that very moment, on the top of world watching the most beautiful sunset ever! And also made my eyes wet. It is natural when I hear this song.

The Most Beautiful View
The Most Beautiful View

Coming back to my journey…
I joined my group and we headed towards our tents to keep our belongings. There was no point of even thinking to get fresh- there are no washrooms at top. So make sure you don’t eat and drink much if you ever visit triund!😂 We all gathered outside the dhaba, played songs and danced like crazies. The dhaba owners were basically people who gave us tents on rent. The package includes dinner and breakfast too we got it booked beforehand only. They have a small dhaba and a raging dog there at top. The dog was really huge and scary. The owners kept on ensuring that he won’t bite, but how do you manage to stay calm in front of dog that literally looks like a lion?

 That’s the Dhaba at our back
Yea so we danced. Forget about that dog. We danced and ate rajmah chawal with spicy pickle in dinner. It was really tasty. We could have as much as we wanted, but we controlled. Remember, no washrooms! It really got chilly with passing time and we rushed in our tents.
Despite the cold and dark (I’m very scared of the dark) I somehow managed to sleep.

Beautiful Tent Stay
Beautiful Tent Stay

Never in my life had I imagined that I would get up without an alarm in the morning but that morning was different. I woke up to a very sunny day.🌞

 how cute are these tents?
The weather was warm and we were all set to start the trek way back down. But before that a mandatory photo session was held. You know a typical 1000 picture session. None of my friends changed their clothes because they didn’t felt like but I obviously had to change. Now you may think what was so obvious, my friends thought the same. How could I get my pictures clicked in same old clothes? No! Not happening.😆😌
Just after taking pictures we had maggi for breakfast. It was so goooood! Maggi is always good but with a view like that, it just gets better. So after finishing with our breakfast we started our journey way back to McLeod Ganj. It was much easier to go down and took us one-third of the time.
I just want to say that no matter how many times I go there, each time the beautiful view will leave me in awe. So peaceful, relaxing and mesmerizing – what else do you need?💕
So as soon as we reached McLeod Ganj me and one friend of mine started the hunt for a good place to eat. Well, to be very frank we were looking for a good place with cheap food but most importantly clean washrooms!😂 We were so eager to find washroom. It had been a full day guys. It was difficult.
So after unloading (that’s TMI I know but its natural c’mon😛) we ate such delicious food there which marked the end to our stay at McLeod Ganj. And a shocking thing that happened, I didn’t shop there. Can you believe that? See that’s the sign a responsible adult (it’s lie. I’m in no way responsible😂).
After eating the food we were returning to our vehicle to head back and on the way we met some friends from university there. We hanged out bit, chit chatted with them and eventually started with our journey way back to Jalandhar.

We reached the university at 1 PM, so tired and exhausted. My whole body was full of cramps and I was not even able to move. I can’t even describe you what its like having cramps in your whole body and then standing for a full day in 4 inch pumps. I actually had an event which I had to host the very next day and I was so dead and tired. But I didn’t had any option. Plus it was great experience (and way too arduous).

 Just a happy soul!
So that was my whole travel story. It’s such a gorgeous place, you really should visit it if you ever get a chance. This trip will always be very close to my heart. I made so many memories and has such an amazing time.

I really wish to go back to triund sometime soon!💫
I hope you all enjoyed reading it.
Keep supporting!🤗
Until next time,
Lots of love!

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15 thoughts on “My Triund Trip

  1. Amazing views! It is true like you said, being surrounded by nature and all of its beauty makes our lifes problems seem so small and insignificant. What a great experience.

  2. what an amazing place to visit. it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love being out in nature and exploring going on adventures

  3. This is such a great place to visit especially all nature loving people. The place you’ve visited looks awesome and amazingly beautiful. Hope to experience it also.

  4. This sounds like such an incredible escape! I miss hiking and a mountain landscape now that I live in Florida. Getting out in a tent is great for the kids and a mom’s soul!

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